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Technological Consultancy

Technological Consultancy in areas as:
  • Use of the Information Technologies (IT). Use of IT to improve services and management.
  • Strategics Plans, Functional dessign for Information systems.
  • Software development (applications and tools).
  • ...
Price : Per Project

Deploymenmt and Consultancy in OPEN ERP

Open ERP is the fastest growing ERP worldwide in terms of facilities and features.

Its free software feature enables implementation and adequacy at a reasonable cost.

Our expertise in Open ERP projects is a guarantee for successful deployments

Price : Per Project

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Deployment and consultancy in MEDICAL

Medical es open source solution for health care centres, hospitals, primary care centers, rehabilitation centers, ...

Medical use the Open ERP to improve their administration and management functionalities.

Price : Per Project

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Customized Developments

Proposse us a problem and we will develop you the product

Of you have a technological need not solved, and you need a team of engineers to provide the solution, Bean Logic is your partner.

We can colaborate wit you in each and all parts of your value added chain.

Price: Per Projeect